Albany middle school students connect meteorology concepts to the real world
WALB News 10. Andrew Gorton. May 22, 2017.

The school year is winding down, but that didn't keep students from being excited to learn about weather Monday morning.

Students at Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School listened to a weather lecture by First Alert Meteorologist Andrew Gorton.

The students are studying the concepts thermodynamics, including energy and forces.

Andrew showed them examples of how those concepts apply to meteorology and the real world.

The students learned about severe weather safety and were also given a tour of the storm tracker.

"It's cool to apply what we learned to our everyday life. For example, my dad is a roofer. 

So when he is working on different roofs, it's important for him to know how the weather is so he won't be on the roof when it's raining or it's super hot to protect himself, "said student Amarianna Hines.

"What I found interesting was the different strengths of tornadoes, and how we incorporate the different vocabulary terms we learned in class to meteorology," said Keagan Carson.

Although hurricane season doesn't begin until the students are in their summer break, they learned about what to do if a tropical system develops where they live.

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